Welcome to Forestry Fuels

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Seasoned Firewood & Charcoal Specialists in Beds & Cambs

Forestry Fuels

Welcome to Bedfordshire's & Cambridgeshire's Seasoned Firewood & Charcoal Specialists

We are a family run, small business on the Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire border.  We specialise in seasoned firewood, charcoal and cooking & smoking woods.  We use wood sourced locally, responsibly and sustainably.

Forestry Fuels

Your local firewood and charcoal supplier

Supplying logs and charcoal in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire

Restaurant Grade Charcoal

We use Virgin timber from local suppliers and traditional charcoal kilns to make our lumpwood charcoal to the finest restaurant quality. Lumpwood charcoal is large pieces that fill the Barbeque and bring the heat close to the griddle. It lights and heats very quickly so it delivers heat directly to the food without the need to add lighting aids. The very high carbon content burns cleanly and hot to give a classic BBQ flavour that cooks the food quickly keeping it succulent.

Wood Fuels

We supply fully seasoned logs for wood burning stoves and open fires. We select species such as oak, ash, sycamore, birch for the best firewood and our wood is sourced from sustainable local forests and woodlands that is naturally seasoned by the wind and the sun. The timber is stored until the moisture is less than 30% and then delivered in bulk cubic metre loads or available in nets.

Bio (Forest) Char

It is the product of burning / pyrolysing wood under controlled conditions making a virtually pure form of carbon. It is a totally natural product made from renewable and sustainable sources.