Forestry Fuels Wholesale

Information about our wholesale offerings



Thank you for your interest, we have supplied many local Butchers and Farm Shops for the past decade. Our growing business is testament to the quality and service we have been able to give through the tight focus on quality and sustainability and the passion for making the best products we can. All products except the Firelighters are made by ourselves and are hand-made and packed. We personally get to see every kilo of product we manufacture. As a family business we understand that the future lies in our own hands to continue to make the best products from the best materials that are responsibly sourced so we have something to hand on to our children without damaging the planet we so depend upon.

We have a local delivery service which covers the area 50 miles radius centred on Bedford, also a National Haulage service that will cover almost anywhere within the UK.

We supply the 3kg bags onto UK pallets with 80 bags stretched wrapped. The kraft paper packaging is sustainable and can be either burnt with the coals or recycled into paper waste.

The 10kg bags are 40 per pallet, again kraft paper so fully recyclable.

The Smoking Chunks come in 1kg kraft card boxes with clearly marked labelling that shows each wood type in a distinctive colour. These are packaged into cardboard outers if required with 8 or 16 per box.

The Firelighters come in packs of 20 in a paper bag outer with the distinctive Forestry Fuels logo for retail sale.

Firelighters are also available in boxes of 50, 100, 150 for retail sales to customers who bulk buy for the season.

Firelighters are available in bulk boxes of 1000 for the Glamping Sites who supply free firelighters with their prebought packages.

VAT: All products purchased are subject to 20% VAT unless bought for direct sale to the users where the 5% preferential rate will apply. The 20% VAT can be reclaimed when the final sale at 5% to your customer is made.