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We love making British Charcoal for you to enjoy your days outside cooking in the sunshine. Our charcoal brings out the real flavours of your fabulous ingredients. We have been expertly making charcoal with traditional methods using local sustainable English hardwoods in our kilns since 2012. We have been supplying local Butchers, Farm Shops and other Independent Retail Outlets reliably producing the same quality that has become renowned and loved by our regular customers.

British Charcoal is made from sustainable local woodlands that encourage biodiversity and supports local agriculture and woodland management. Much imported charcoal is made in countries that lack employment or environmental regulation and where deforestation and pollution are major problems and child and forced labour are common practises. Imported charcoal travels many thousands of miles to arrive in the UK, where it is packed and graded.

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C1.jpgBritish Charcoal is Lumpwood sized, typically fist size, so its low density and high purity give it a superior quality over imported products. The high carbon content produces very hot coals which are ready to cook on in 15 minutes without the need for petrol smelling accelerants to get the charcoal lit. The lumpwood size ensures the charcoal fills the BBQ kettle, bringing the heat close to the cooking grill and the coals hold their heat for up to an hour. In the UK we like to have the BBQ ready to cook with as quickly as possible, and it is this feature which appeals to most of our customers. The clean burn also ensures that your food only has those delicious BBQ flavours you want with no nasty traces of petroleum products.



British Charcoal is packed in 3kg bags for the Butchery and Farm Shop trade as the most convenient carry out weight.

British Charcoal is also packed in 10kg bags for the enthusiast who are cooking every weekend.

Smoking Chunks

Forestry Fuels supply a complementary range of British Smoking Wood Chunks which can be used on any BBQ kettle or Smoker set up using all fuel types. They comprise a one kilo box of wood chunks cut by hand to a size that will readily fit onto the BBQ griddle alongside your delicious meal and give a wonderful smoked flavour to your food. Not only are people smoking meat but many types of vegetables and cheese. The chunks gently smoke using the heat from the charcoal or other fuel types and infuse the food with that wonderful aroma that we all love. Place the wood chunks onto your grill next to the food and allow them to gently flavour your food whilst cooking above the coals.

These are available in several species:
Apple, Cherry, Oak, Beech and Birch. Occasionally we have Pear subject to availability.

Fruit woods give a light flavour that adds a delicate touch to your dishes. Apple goes well with pork loin, chops, sausage, and cheese of course. Cherry is versatile with almost all dishes, but especially Venison and Duck being a favourite.

Apple and Pear wood is sourced from local orchards that were planted over 70 years ago to supply the jam and preserves trade.

Cherry wood is sourced from the wild species that grows amongst the woodland harvested for charcoal and firewood.

Oak is a traditional wood used for most applications where a deep, strong and characteristic flavour is needed on spiced meats, Beef rib, Venison and Lamb. Salmon also can carry this strong flavour.

Beech gives a light, delicate flavour where a background level is needed to chicken, cheese and vegetables such as Aubergine. Also Bacon and Pork are favourites with this wood.

Birch has a strong sweet flavour due to the high sugar content and is often used with Fish such as Mackerel and other oily species. Salmon and Trout are traditionally smoked with this species along with Mushrooms and other wild sourced ingredients such as garlic.

Forestry Fuels Firelighters are sourced from UK sustainable woodlands and burn for up to 10 minutes. Excellent for use with the BBQ or for lighting your fire at home.

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